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Hello everyone my name is Sharissa and I would like to formally welcome you to The Banter Blog! I’m currently a senior Mass Communication major at Xavier University of Louisiana and I was presented with the opportunity to start my own blog. I decided to create The Banter Blog so I can have a platform to express my love for film as well as inform others on social issues that are present in our society nowadays. You may be asking   “Why The Banter Blog”? I chose the banter blog because I want this to be an interactive experience where I can have light-hearted conversations with my readers about current events and social issues.

We usually turn to movies as a sign of entertainment because that’s what they were originally designed for. But when you get pass the jokes, the sappy love story, or the chilling thrills, movies portray heavy messages especially in regards to issues such as racism, women rights, LGBTQ rights, and even more national and global issues we are facing today. And it is my job to highlight that movies can be more than just werewolves, vampires, and sinking cruise ships, but that they can serve as a platform for change.

Every Wednesday I will upload a new blog about the latest news in the film industry to highlight what filmmakers are doing to advocate for positive change in our communities. But the fun doesn’t stop there! My blog will be accompanied with a video from my YouTube channel to not only help enhance my video editing skills, but to also help deliver the message of my blog in a form that film lovers are most comfortable with, video!

So grab your popcorn, candy (preferably not the over price kind form the movie theater) and enjoy the show. And during this show you are actually encouraged to use your phone! Makes sure to tweet using the hashtag #TheBanterBlog to share your thoughts on my weekly post. Hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do!

-Sharissa Nicole

And, that’s a wrap!


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