Once Upon A Time…

As you can kind of tell from my blog style, I'm a unconventional person. I'm a fan of tradition, but I always love to find new ways to spice things up. That's why I've decided to start telling on a new platform called Storify. Storify allows you to make stories using post from social media.... Continue Reading →



3...2...1... AND WE LIVE! Yesterday my classmates and I covered one of Xavier’s Black History Month guest speakers. Writer and civil rights activist Shaun King came and spoke to our school about the importance of history as well as the problems we are facing in the Black community today. For covering events such as these,... Continue Reading →

Who Can We Lean On?

The following is an article pertaining to the student concern that transpired after the tornadoes in New Orleans early February. This article correlates the movie "Lean On Me" and how they both demonstrate the need for a strong relationship between administration and the general student body. Enjoy! One of the movies I enjoyed growing up was “Lean... Continue Reading →


The following is an article pertaining to Xavier's outreach after the tornadoes in New Orleans. Enjoy! When tragedy strikes, the community is quick to come together to help lift up one another. On Tuesday Feb. 7, 2017, seven tornadoes touched down in the East New Orleans area. Several homes faced serious damage and are in need... Continue Reading →

The Sound of NO Music…

The following is an article pertaining to the cut in governmental funding for visual and performing arts. This article correlates the movie "Moonlight" to the need to keep theater arts in the New Orleans community. Enjoy! The chills you get from the sweet sound of music, the tear you might shed from the compelling acting, the... Continue Reading →

Masculinity in the Eyes of the Black Male.

The following is an article pertaining to Masculinity in the Black community. This article correlates with the movie "Fences" to be an example of how the typical Black male defines masculinity. Enjoy! The 2016 edition of "Fences", directed by Denzel Washington, is based of the Pulitzer Prize winning screen play written by the late August Wilson.... Continue Reading →


The following is an article showcasing the voices of Twitter users in  regards to the increase in Black movies nominated for this year's Oscars. Enjoy! The Oscars doesn't seem "so White" after all. Leading up to the 2016 Academy Awards, the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite was a big trend on Twitter. People, especially in the Black community,... Continue Reading →

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