YouTube Restricted Mode

How would you feel if your hard work wasn't credited by your employer, teacher or any higher up just because of your skin color, gender, or sexual orientation? Well, that's how the LGBTQ community on YouTube felt like when they discovered the new update in YouTube's restricted mode setting. YouTube restricted mode blocks certain content... Continue Reading →


City Park Adventure

I never knew that so many stories could be found in such a small setting. For a class assignment this week, my classmates ad I took pictures in city park that told a story. At first I was a little hesitant to go up to strangers and ask for a picture. I first wonder the... Continue Reading →

The New Black Horror

POP QUIZ! Which of the following statements are true about Black people in horror films? a. Black people always die first. b. Black people never play a sophisticated role. c. Black people aren't in horror films to begin with. d. All of the above The answer would normally be D all of the above, but... Continue Reading →

Behind the Lens

As an aspiring media professional, I think it is important to support people in my community and make sure to highlight their talents as well. When I was searching for a photo journalist to interview, a lot of people referred me to someone that went to my school. I checked out her work and was... Continue Reading →

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