Behind the Lens

As an aspiring media professional, I think it is important to support people in my community and make sure to highlight their talents as well. When I was searching for a photo journalist to interview, a lot of people referred me to someone that went to my school. I checked out her work and was amazed so I wanted to sit down with her and get to know more about her.

FullSizeRenderAmanda English is a Junior Psychology major at Xavier University of Louisiana. She takes pictures for the school’s news paper (The Xavier Herald) as well as a lot of freelance opportunities in the city, mainly focusing on college students.

Here are some of the things Amanda and I discussed during my interview with her:

When did you getting into photo journalism?

“I got in to photo journalism in high school. I took pictures in my free time and then, when I got to Xavier, I joined the herald to meet new people.”

What is your niche?

“I would say my niche would be fashion free lance, and Greek organizations.”

What do you love about photography?

“I love being able to capture moment. Photography for is like freezing time. And actually moment that could last forever.”

Amanda’s Photo from Neophyte.

What was the most difficult event you had to photograph?

“The most difficult event would have to be neophyte. That was hard for me because that was my first time learning how to photograph moving objects. It wasn’t until I got to Xavier this year that I started to photograph a moving subject for things like sports events and step shows.”

What stories do you like to tell through your photos?

“I’m capturing the story of college students at the moment. I want to provide memories for College students since this is an important time in their lives. College is a mile stone in many people’s lives and they could look back at these photo and it’s like a book mark in time.”

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, what is one word to describe your work?


How important is social media in your work?

“Yes because it helps build clientele.”

What advice would you give someone that wants to e a photo journalist?

“You have to be out spoken because there will be people in front of you or in your shot and you have to be able to ask them to move and direct things.”

If you had to be a snapchat filter, which one would you be?

“I love the flower crown, I makes me feel like a hippie.”

Make sure to check out Amanda’s work on Instagram and Twitter (@curlyheadpanda). Speaking of her work, I wanted to put her expertise to the test with a challenge video we did on my Youtube channel You can check out that video here.


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