The New Black Horror


Which of the following statements are true about Black people in horror films?

a. Black people always die first.

b. Black people never play a sophisticated role.

c. Black people aren’t in horror films to begin with.

d. All of the above

The answer would normally be D all of the above, but the new blockbuster hit “Get Out” has went against all odds and broke the racial barrier of Black people in horror films.

Get Out
“Get Out” by Joran Peele

“Get Out” not only addresses racial issues, but it destroys the ideology of Black people in horror films. Prior to get out Black people, if they were granted access more than 30 seconds in the film, were seen as the uneducated characters that died first. In fact, if Black people started in a horror film, it was most likely a parody film.

Comedian Keenen Ivory Wayans, produced a horror film series called “Scary Movie”. These movies would parody some hit horror films with a urban twist. This fits into their brand of comedy and their audience expected nothing less. But for Jordan Peele, director of “Get Out”, he wanted to take a different approach.

Scary Movie
“Scary Movie” by Keenen Ivory Wayans

Peele took a more serious and creative approach to deliver the message he wanted to convey in “Get Out”. Critics expected him to create a movie that would fall under the typical Black parody horror film caliber due to his professional background. Although they doubted his abilities. Peele was able to create a fantastic film that is not only doing well financially, but also created a lot of buzz on social media.

Speaking of social media, I have a blog coming out soon of a more in depth look of “Get Out” and the reaction it had on social media. So I don’t want to give too much away. But if you want a preview of the topics I would be discussing and want to join in on the conversation, check out my YouTube video here.


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