YouTube Restricted Mode

How would you feel if your hard work wasn’t credited by your employer, teacher or any higher up just because of your skin color, gender, or sexual orientation? Well, that’s how the LGBTQ community on YouTube felt like when they discovered the new update in YouTube’s restricted mode setting.

YouTube restricted mode blocks certain content for users that they deem inappropriate. This past week, it was reported that LGBTQ content creators’ videos were not appearing in restricted mode. This was a way for YouTube to be able to block LGBTQ videos without breaking their terms of service.

Many influential LGBTQ content creators and viewers took their frustrations to Twitter this past weekend using the hashtags #YouTubeIsOverParty and #YouTubeRestricted.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 1.38.34 PMOne of the YouTubers that voiced his opinion on the subject was Nicola “Nic” Foti. Foti maintains two channels on YouTube (Soundlyawake and StillSoundlyawake) where he often talks about his sexuality and showcases his boyfriend Ken. Foti Tweeted saying, “Age-restricting LGBTQ+ content on @YouTube really has no place in 2017. Not here for it.”
I had the honor of meeting Nic at his meet and greet in New Orleans back in 2015. He is so genuine and altruistic and creates some amazing content that suitable enough to be able to be viewed by everyone. He, as well as other YouTubers in the LGBTQ community, should be able to be themselves and not restricted for doing so.

Unfortunately I was unable to record my reaction to this news; but, I do think you should check out this podcast that further explains the situation. The Jenna Julien Podcast created by two YouTubers I love to watch Jenna Marbels and Julien Solomita, They discussed their concerns about YouTubes restriction mode and shared some conspiracy theories as to why they believe this happened in the first place. Check out the podcast here.


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