All Eyez On Tupac

I know conspiracy theorist believe he’s still alive, but I don’t think Tupac will star in his up and coming biopic.

Side by side of Shakur and Shipp Jr.

Last week the official traitor for 90’s rapper and recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Tupac Shakur’s biopic “All Eyez On Me”. The film stars Demetrius Shipp Jr. who is a perfect fit for the role in terms of his looks. Fans are excited for the release of this biopic because it was presented to be altruistic and true to the late rappers story.

Biopics have been a recent trend in the past couple of years. Artist such as Aaliyah, TLC, Whitney Houston, Tony Braxton, N.W.A and Michele have had biopics made about them within the past year. Fans are very skeptical when it comes biopics of their artist. Sometimes the network that is producing the film either poorly cast the movie, doesn’t tell the story accurately, or even go against the family/estate’s wishes and still make the movie. Talk show host Wendy Williams produced the Aaliyah movie even after her estate asked for them not to. They weren’t able to have the rights to her music losing a large part of Aaliyah’s story. Lifetime has sine been able to recover from this downfall, but fans have still remained on edge when a new biopic releases. Which is why it is fantastic news that people are excited about Shakur’s movie.

If you haven’t been able to watch the trailer for “All Eyez On Me”, watch the full trailer here.

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