Down in New Orleans

This past weekend I attended the French Quarter Fest here in New Orleans. During this festival the French Quarter is filled with various styles of music, food and large crowds of people from all walks of life (which is the most stressful part for me, I hate crowds!).

The French Quarter is usually a hub for tourist to grasp the essence of city. During the festival the culture of the city is heightened for not only tourist to enjoy, but natives as well. There were many stages set up in the area from the River Walk, to Jackson Square, to the famous Bourbon St. Many vendors set up tents along the River Walk to sell souvenirs, New Orleans delicacies, and drinks.

I wanted to capture this event for those who either couldn’t make it out to the Fest as well as those who have never been to the Fest or New Orleans in general. So being the YouTube fanatic I am, I decided to vlog my experience as well as make a montage of the point of view of a French Quarter Fest attendee. I was able to capture some of the festival’s activities as well as everyday life in the French Quarter. If you would like to check out that vlog, click here!

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 2.26.53 PM.png!


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