Let’s Chat About It

On Thursday April 6, I hosted my very first Twitter Chat on Twitter. The conversation was about the representation of black people in the media. My focus for this Twitter chat was to pick at the minds of my followers to see what solution could implement to reduce the stereotypes pin pointed in the black community being the dominating presence in the media.Twitter Chat Revised

To prepare for this event, I conducted a poll on Twitter to see where everyone’s minds were at. Majority of the voters said that Black people are seen in a negative light in the media. With that information, I formed questions revolving around why did people think that was true, why do they support shows and movies that showcase these stereotypes, and how come content that shows Black people in a negative light often gets overlooked?

Participation in my chat could’ve been better, but I still had a great response. If I could change one thing about this experience it would’ve been to pub it more in person as well as online. I also think that brining in a special guest could’ve not only helped with traffic to my chat, but give a more professional insight as well.

Twitter chats are a great way to get the opinions of others on a certain subject in real time. For research projects people normally pass out surveys, but I think hosting a Twitter chat would allow you to receive more rich responses and it’s a more  entertaining way versus creating surveys or polls. Aside from research purposes, this was a great way to bond and get to know my followers more. One of my followers asked if I was up to having another Twitter chat soon which is something I’m highly going to consider. Make sure to stay on the look out for my next Twitter chat by following me on Twitter here.

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