Shine Bright. Shine Far. Be a STAR!

Let’s watch a Disney Channel movie!

I logged onto Twitter and saw a tweet from Tyra Banks saying,

“One word: LIFESIZE


2 words


250px-life-sizedvdLife-Size was a Disney Channel original movie (DCOM) released in 2000. The movie follows a young girl played by Lindsey Lohan who recently lost her mother. She uses magic in hopes to bring her mother back to life but instead she brought her doll named Eve, played by Tyra Banks, to life. This was one of my favorite DCOMs of all time and the announcement of the sequel brought all of the nostalgia not only to me but a lot of people on Twitter as well. Banks also threw out possible cast members of movie including Disney’s very own Zendaya.

Camp Rock original cast Kevin Jonas, Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas

Life-Size isn’t the only DCOM that is continuing its empire, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Demi Lovato all hinted at the fact of a possible Camp Rock 3 being released in the near future! On her interview with Ellen, Lovato mentioned that she wanted release another Camp Rock movie but but it won’t be the cookie cutter Disney version like we know it. Oh yeah, Camp Rock is going R rated! Lovato also mentioned in her interview that the audience that grew up with Camp Rock is all grown up now (the first movie released a couple of days shy of my 14th birthday, I turn 23 in 2 months, yep WE’RE OLD NOW!). So to agomedate for the maturity of Camp Rock fans, Lovato as well as Joe and Nick are creating a more explicit moves with a little more explicit taste that you would usually find on Disney Channel.

Life-Size and Camp Rock were two of my favorite DCOMs and their relaunch is like the rebirth of my childhood! I can’t wait to see these movies when they release. Check out the hashtags #LifeSize2 and #CampRock3 to see how the internet reacted to the news.


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