These Are My Reflections

This semester of blogging has really been an interesting journey. Being able to have creative freedom to post what i want on topics that I love was so much fun! I must admit, I thought that blogging was boring, but this was actually a great experience writing this semester. I enjoyed it so much that I’m actually thinking about maintaining my blog even after I graduate in 12 days 10 hour and 6 minutes (but who’s counting).

When I started my blogging journey I thought it was going to be difficult. I thought I would be talking to myself and no one would be reading, which happened at times. I also thought that I wouldn’t have many followers, which again, was the case. But one thing I learned about creating content on the internet is that you have to be patient and create for your love of creating and your loyal followers, not for numbers. Which is what i still plan on doing.

I plan on trying to maintain a blog about film but I think I want to bring in more pop culture and social media stories in as well. I found myself like to blog about those more toward the end of the semester so I decided to broaden my horizon (I hope that is okay with you all). This will not only make writing more enjoyable for me, but I might be able to reach a larger audience. So, it might be a while before my next post, but I want you all yo know that I will still be here, it may not be every Wednesday anymore, but I still want to keep #TheBanterBlog alive! Can’t wait to see where this blog takes me next. See you all next time I post!

-Sharissa Nicole


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